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  • self-exclusion — n. * * * …   Universalium

  • Self-organization — is a process of attraction and repulsion in which the internal organization of a system, normally an open system, increases in complexity without being guided or managed by an outside source. Self organizing systems typically (though not always)… …   Wikipedia

  • Self-defeating personality disorder — Personality disorders Cluster A (odd) Paranoid · Schizoid Schizotypal …   Wikipedia

  • self-absorbed — /sɛlf əbˈsɔbd/ (say self uhb sawbd), / zɔbd/ (say zawbd) adjective particularly preoccupied with one s own thoughts, interests, etc., especially to the exclusion of others …  

  • self-absorption — /sɛlf əbˈsɔpʃən/ (say self uhb sawpshuhn), / zɔp / (say zawp ) noun preoccupation with oneself, especially to the exclusion of other interests …  

  • self-absorption — noun preoccupation with oneself to the exclusion of everything else …   Wiktionary

  • Voluntary Exclusion — A Voluntary Exclusion Program (also known as Voluntary Self Exclusion ) is a policy enacted by several states and/or individual casinos as a method of addressing the issue of addictive and compulsive gambling.In areas that have enacted VEP… …   Wikipedia

  • Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Exclusion Zone — Coordinates: 51°18′0″N 30°0′18″E / 51.3°N 30.005°E / 51.3; 30.005 …   Wikipedia

  • Social exclusion — has no agreed to, defined, or specific single application, though one suggested definition is as follows: Social exclusion is a multidimensional process of progressive social rupture, detaching groups and individuals from social relations and… …   Wikipedia

  • Total Exclusion Zone — as of April 30th 1982 The Total Exclusion Zone (TEZ) was an area declared by the United Kingdom 30 April 1982 covering a circle of 200 nautical miles (370 km; 230 mi) from the centre of the Falkland Islands[1]. During the Falklands War… …   Wikipedia

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